d6 science

Data Intelligence to streamline financial operations

Cloud-based technology

Your code is always up-to-date and continuously under development for improvement.

Easy to configure

Customise settings based on the needs and specificities of your institution.

High interoperability

Compatible with all d6 platform products and your current systems.

Get insights on your critical business issues

Every day, the financial activity of your customers leaves footprints in your data. Gathering these crumbs of information allows you to have a fine understanding of the typology of your customers' financial behaviour.

By combining behavioural science models with AI algorithms, we're able to significantly improve and simplify predictions of human behaviour in a financial context. So you can confidently manage your operations.

Top features

Behavioural analysis

Monitor the repayment behaviour and other financial activities of your customers. Thorough analysis of this data provides a powerful early warning system for financial risk, and highlights customers in your portfolio with desired behaviours.

Credit scoring

We have implemented a trustworthy and fully transparent credit scoring system. Scores are updated across your entire customer base daily. Use this score for innovative loan products such as automatic renewal or nano credit.

Strategy manager

With fully customisable algorithms, view and edit model parameters at any time. This enables you to set different business strategies for different customer segments.

Customer value assessment

Classify your customers based on their activities and behaviours. This segmentation allows you to quickly identify the best and least performing customers in your portfolio.

Product design impact analysis

Launch your new products safely with our profit simulator. Compare different market scenarios to define the winning business strategy according to your risk and profit objectives.

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The fundamental component that brings your data together in a central repository and ensures data quality.

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