Leverage data to address the fundamental challenges of lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in informal economies.


A desire to make a difference

We want to make a difference for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the developing world – a big difference. Rubyx was founded the day we decided that in order to make that difference, we couldn’t just continue with business as usual. We had to start a whole new company, with a whole new approach.

With the accelerated digital transformation and rise of digital platforms, the promise of embedded lending and API-led product growth, today we want to reach as many entrepreneurs as possible by facilitating partnerships between digital platforms and financial institutions. Together, we’re going to make a big difference.

Meet our team

A dynamic group of people with expertise in microfinance, data science, behavioural economics and human-centred design

Abdoulaye Barro

Data Engineer


Afi Edoh

Data Analyst

Aristide Sabi

Product Owner

Astrid van der Flier

Director of User Experience

Awa Marie Gaye

Business Development Manager


Bara Ndiaye

Senior Data Engineer

Baye Ndao

Data Engineer

Boubacar Ba

Customer Success Manager

Damien Jacques

Chief Data Scientist

Daniel Dieme

Data Engineering Manager

Denis Moniotte


Giorgio Rivero

Chief Data Officer

Hyunoo Chang

Data Scientist

Leroy Abiguime

DevOps Engineer

Simeon Thiakane

Financial Manager

Sitao Zhang

Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Carrié

Chief Customer Officer

Tianchao Lei

Full Stack Developer

Our values


Dare to be different

We challenge the status quo. We’re passionate game-changers and pioneers, shifting the way others think and do things.


No one has all the answers

We embrace a culture of humility and continuous learning. We’re empathetic listeners to the ambitions and aspirations of our partners and stakeholders.


Fair opportunity for all

We treat everyone with the common decency we all deserve. Our credit scoring engine detects bias and we rebalance our datasets for the most inclusive algorithms.

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