Getting started

with Rubyx

It takes more than a credit scoring algorithm to run viable lending operations. Our experts guide you through a process that takes all success factors into account..


Getting to know your data, your customers, and your business objectives

Every business is unique. We take into account its specificities in order to design the most appropriate solution for you and your customers. Deliverables include an initial risk assessment of your customer base, customer research insights, and a partnership agreement with roles and responsibilities.


Defining your lending strategy and loan product

Your scoring strategy and loan product design both contribute to effective risk management. We show you how to configure a loan product that rewards customers for desired repayment behavior.


Connecting our systems

We collaborate with your developers to get everything set up. Our ETL pipelines fetch your data. We provide access to our APIs for loan offers, subscription, disbursement and repayment.


Launching your first series of loan offers

After making sure that your team is ready to launch through a series of train-the-trainer workshops, the pilot allows us to validate the scoring strategy and learn how your customers respond to the new financing solutions.


Optimizing your business model and improving the customer experience

We take the learnings from the pilot and from A/B tests to iteratively optimize your activity. We're on your side to make your lending business profitable whilst respecting and protecting your customers.

Ask away

For what types of loans can Rubyx generate offers?

Our flagship products are automated loan renewal and an offer for an instant repay-as-soon-as-you-can nano loan. We can also provide offers for lines of credit, or for products with a repay-as-you-earn repayment schedule. Our flexible platform allows infinite product variations, and we love to help you innovate your loan products.

Who provides the funding in a context of embedded lending?

If you are not a financial institution, we will take care of financing your users. Our recognized experience in the field of MSME financing and our technology makes it easier to raise funds from a range of actors, from development agencies to local commercial banks and microfinance banks.

What are the technical requirements to start working with Rubyx?

We provide all the required technology to start a digital lending activity. All you need to do is to extract and send us your data. As our platform is modular, we can adjust the scope based on your existing technology stack.

How much does it cost?

We want to build long-lasting partnerships where we get paid when you get value from our services. This is why we favor net revenue sharing business models.

More questions?