Lessons from the field

Thomas Carrié is Chief Customer Officer at Rubyx, and brings 20 years’ experience in African development, microfinance, and project management to his role. We talked about the lessons he’s learned in the field, and how you can only build the best products if you know the people you’re building them for.

Our story

We started Rubyx to help lenders focus on what can make the most difference, for the most people, as profitably as possible. And it works. Advans followed up a successful pilot with loan disbursement to 15K people in 5 countries. We’ve partnered with CGAP to deploy our solutions in 5 MFIs around the world. And that’s just the beginning.

Is this the end of expert scorecards?

Expert scorecards are one of the most widely adopted credit scoring approaches, especially among microfinance institutions active in emerging markets. But with recent analytical advances in credit scoring algorithms, are expert scorecards still a valid approach to determining creditworthiness?

Why nano loans are huge

For informal MSME (micro, small and medium enterprise) entrepreneurs in the developing world, microfinance loans with 12-month terms can help them launch businesses, buy stock, refurbish their shops and pay their employees. But what if smaller nano loans could help them do a whole lot more?