d6 board

A personal web application for your frontline operators

Cloud-based technology

Your code is always up-to-date and continuously under development for improvement.

Easy to configure

Customise settings based on the needs and specificities of your institution.

High interoperability

Compatible with all d6 platform products and your current systems.

Stay one step ahead of your customers

d6 board is the platform's user interface with a series of dashboards that provide an overview of portfolios on country, region, branch and individual manager level.

Besides visualising the current status of a portfolio, d6 board provides recommendations based on predictions from d6 science. This allows employees to anticipate events and customer needs, resulting in actions that impact your growth.

d6 desktop and mobile interface

Top features

Analyse loan portfolios

Get a 360 view of a portfolio on country, region, branch or individual manager level.

Disburse more loans

Innovative loan offers such as automated renewals or nano loans help you exceed your disbursement targets with less effort.

Manage risk

Customer scores based on behavioural analysis indicate who’s eligible for an offer so you can focus on high quality borrowers.

Prioritise actions for impact

Dashboards with loans reaching maturity, payments expected to be late, or cross-sell opportunities, enable you to decide what you need to do first.

Track performance

See how much has been disbursed in your portfolio for a given month, and how you’re performing against your target. Managers can edit targets manually or use d6’s recommendation tool.

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d6 warehouse

The fundamental component that brings your data together in a central repository and ensures data quality.

d6 science

A collection of algorithms and behavioural analysis models providing customer insights.