d6 warehouse

One central place for high quality data

Cloud-based technology

Your code is always up-to-date and continuously under development for improvement.

Easy to configure

Customise settings based on the needs and specificities of your institution.

High interoperability

Compatible with all d6 platform products and your current systems.

Shiny data at your fingertips

Our ETL pipelines bring data from various sources such as a loan origination system, CRM or credit bureau together in one place. Data quality is greatly improved through automated corrections. With d6 warehouse, analyse your data at will without burdening operational systems.

Building a data warehouse is a time consuming activity. Turning towards a data warehousing service is an interesting solution when your data science resources are scarce. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you can spend your time on other innovations.

Top features

Configure reliable reports

For operations, finance, risk management or vintage analysis.

Set up accurate alerts

For compliance or to trigger your workflows.

Enrich your data

With key performance indicators and risk metrics.

Import data into other BI solutions

Such as Google Data Studio, Qlik, PowerBI, Tableau or Custom SQL Queries.

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d6 science

A collection of algorithms and behavioural analysis models providing customer insights.

d6 board

The user interface with personalised dashboards for 360 views on all types of loan portfolios.