Our platform

Rubyx is our API-driven cloud lending platform with at its core a transparent data-driven credit scoring framework that generates the most suitable credit offer for each customer.

Rubyx manages the end-to-end lending journey from loan product design, risk strategy setting, loan origination, disbursement, to collection and reporting. Integrate into Rubyx to launch and scale innovative loan products in no time.


Unleash the potential of your existing data ecosystem with our AI solutions

We've designed our AI solutions to best fit your technical and business context. The power of our framework is that it delivers a robust risk analysis of customers with no credit history, only based on accessible data, and sets a controlled pilot environment for the launch of a new credit product.

After the first disbursements, the model integrates intake and repayment data to adapt offers for optimal risk management. Customers prequalify for a suitable loan amount. This feature engineering work is possible in heterogeneous data contexts and unlocks the value of unstructured data.

Your shortcut to smarter lending

Our complete collection of lending services enable you to start lending confidently with a minimum of additional resources.

Cloud native technologies ensure optimal security and scalability as well as unprecedented time-to-market.

Here's what we'll do for you:

01. Design your loan

A loan product with a strong value proposition and optimal customer journey sets your lending operation up for success.

06. Create reports and archives

Lenders must continuously report on their portfolio, for their own controls, to the central bank or to credit bureaus. We keep you on top of this tedious task.

05. Manage your lending operations

Funding, payments, customer support and a dedicated loan management system for back office and bookkeeping to ensure that all disbursed loans are properly created, managed and recorded.

02. Set your scoring model

The AI that defines loan eligibilities and conditions. Because no lending business can succeed without optimal risk management.

03. Start with a pilot

We make initial assumptions to configure our algorithms and use the first generation of loans to build a stronger predictive model.

04. Comply with regulations

To make sure that your project won’t be challenged by the regulator, we partner with authorised lending institutions and set up processes to properly identify your customers to meet KYC requirements.

Configure and integrate

Rubyx is single codebase and multi tenant. It is built using the best of cloud native technologies and proven open source solutions. The platform is fully automated and integrated into monitoring and support functions. Reduce your time spent on coding!







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