About Rubyx

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We’re an international team with expertise in microfinance, data science, behavioural economics and human-centred design.

We started Rubyx in 2019 to revolutionise the way informal entrepreneurs and small businesses access working capital for income generating activities. We believe that everyone, everywhere deserves fair financial services.


We learn directly from the people we're designing for

Reinventing financing solutions

How might small businesses get access to funds with the flexibility of borrowing from family or friends without the social burden?

Rethinking microfinance

How might financial institutions move beyond streamlining their existing processes and shift to new models that anticipate demand and reward desired repayment behaviour?

Meet our team

Crazy about data, serious about people

We're on a mission to address the fundamental challenges of lending to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in informal economies and contribute to reducing the credit gap.

Data Science

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User Experience

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Dare to be different

We challenge the status quo. We’re passionate game-changers and pioneers, shifting the way others think and do things.


No one has all the answers

We embrace a culture of humility and continuous learning. We’re empathetic listeners to the ambitions and aspirations of our partners and stakeholders.


Fair opportunity for all

We treat everyone with the common decency we all deserve. Our credit scoring engine detects bias and we rebalance our datasets for the most inclusive algorithms.


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